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Make giving gifts easier by keeping everything you want in one place. Share with friends and family so you'll never be lost for a gift idea again.

Best features

Easy To Use

Ribbonlist has been purpose built just for sharing gift lists on the modern web.

Right for You

We're not linked to any other platform, so we'll never suggest a gift unless we think it's right.

Crowd Sourcing

Want to get something amazing? Use our crowd source funding so everyone can chip in for that special someone. - Coming soon

More features

Cross Platform

You can use Ribbonlist on any device with a browser.


We're independant of any retailer, so you can add anything from anywhere.


You can make your lists as public or private as you'd like. Share with the world, friends or keep it to yourself.


Share your lists across Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else to let your friends and family know exactly what to get you.

How it works


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